Road tires on 29er rims

Can you run road tires on a 29er wheel?  

I have a couple sets of Stan's ZTR 355 29er wheels that I use for Cyclocross.   Those rims have a maximum PSI that always kept me from running road tires on them during the off-season.

Then I started thinking...that can't be right.  So I did some math to calculate the pressure on the rim based on tire size.  Below is a list of tire sizes and inflation pressure, all put the same amount of tension pressure on the rim:




Tire Width


2.1" (MTB) 50psi
23c 116psi
25c 107psi
28c 95psi
32c 83psi
34c 78psi


So yes, you can run road tires on a 29er rim.   Obviously, you wouldn't run 700x21 or probably even 700x23 tires on fat rims.   IMO 25c or 28c tires should be fine.

Any half breed tire as recommended, however utilize a fatter tire for the more extensive edge. 700x38 or bigger. Mainland makes a 700x47, or Big Apples. A more extensive tire will give you higher adapting when you switch, and you may need that out and about in the event that you need to go quick.
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