Road tires on 29er rims

Can you run road tires on a 29er wheel?  

I have a couple sets of Stan's ZTR 355 29er wheels that I use for Cyclocross.   Those rims have a maximum PSI that always kept me from running road tires on them during the off-season.

Then I started thinking...that can't be right.  So I did some math to calculate the pressure on the rim based on tire size.  Below is a list of tire sizes and inflation pressure, all put the same amount of tension pressure on the rim:




Tire Width


2.1" (MTB) 50psi
23c 116psi
25c 107psi
28c 95psi
32c 83psi
34c 78psi


So yes, you can run road tires on a 29er rim.   Obviously, you wouldn't run 700x21 or probably even 700x23 tires on fat rims.   IMO 25c or 28c tires should be fine.

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Any half breed tire as recommended, however utilize a fatter tire for the more extensive edge. 700x38 or bigger. Mainland makes a 700x47, or Big Apples. A more extensive tire will give you higher adapting when you switch, and you may need that out and about in the event that you need to go quick.
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Thank you for useful information. It's sometimes really hard to find proper tires on your rims. As a auto owner I know what I'm talking about. Sometimes I even regret that I ride an auto. I even think to change an auto with bicycle. But then I remember there are tires too!))
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