2011 Blind Date #4

I really like these Wednesday night races.  They're pretty low key, and you can still get a race in without dedicating the better part of a day to it.  I left my house for the race 45 minutes before start time!

The course was fun, as always.  I lined up on the inside, but since I arrived to the 90 degree right-hander first, I got through it in front, accelerated, and "won" the hole shot Stumptown coffee bean prime.  There was a power climb on the back side that just kicked my butt, especially in the first few laps.  A group of guys formed in the front, and I was not on that train.  Once I got warmed up, I worked my way up and held the gap to under a minute, but I could not catch them.

I might be improving.  I felt better and I was able to go harder, but still not as hard as I would like.  I think a proper warmup and a good start this weekend will give me a better idea.  I also think my seat slipped down and I've been slowly inching it up every time I ride.  Time to get out the tape measurer and check for sure.

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