Random Tubeless Cyclocross Postings

Perhaps you're here from Cyclocross Magazine's latest article on tubeless cyclocross tires?  Hi there, howya doin.

Here's a few random posts related to tubeless cyclocross.  I've had more experience since writing everything below, and I'm in the process of making a more permanent and usable resource. So check back later for a lot of good stuff on this subject.

Tubeless Cyclocross - switching over to Stan's notubes - Part 1

Tubeless Cyclocross - Part 2

Tubeless Cyclocross - Part 3 

Tubeless Cyclocross - Part 4

Maxxis Raze and Notubes

Mounting a cyclocross tire using Stans Notubes

Notubes cyclocross - another race without problems

Flat tire with notubes/tubeless

Tubeless cyclocross with Stans Notubes - My Verdict

To clarify my verdict on standard clincher rim conversion, it can be done, but it requires a lot of experimentation to find the right formula.  I will be creating a reference database with rims/layers of tape/tire combos that work, where people can record and rate their tubeless equipment experiences.  Taking the guesswork out of it would be great!  Until then, I'll stick with my Stan's ZTR rims.

Do check back later for more tubeless cyclocross stuff, and a more permanent reference guide.

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