Live long enough to be a problem to your kids

I saw this today, thought it was pretty funny:


Live long enough to be a problem to your kids

Oof my back

My back is killing me.  Since October or so, I've been waking up in the morning with pretty bad back pain. 

The longer I'm in bed, the more it hurts.  Anything past a few hours becomes an exercise in ignoring the pain enough to fall back asleep.  The more I "sleep," the worse it hurts.  Not fun.  It's getting worse, too. 

I will never enter another cyclocross season with a weak core again.

I just emailed my doctor about pursuing physical therapy.  I hope it helps.

The Erg Returns

concept2 I went to the gym today.  It was the first time in several years I've gone for something other than taking my kids swimming.

To warm up, I got things rolling with a blast from the past - a Concept II rowing ergometer.  You think riding a bike trainer sucks?  Try one of these.  I rowed in college for four years, and we used these bad boys for some seriously painful fitness testing and ranking. 

Anyway, I hopped on the erg and did a measly 2000 meter row at a leisurely pace.  It hurt.  This is humbling, because I used to be at a very high level.  Ah well.  The numbers are all right there, so maybe I'll make a side goal this winter of breaking seven minutes over 2000 meters.  While seven minutes would have got me kicked off the team in college, I'd be happy with it now.

And for you biker types who find yourself in the gym this winter, get on one of these and give it a try.  Rowing and cycling have a lot in common.  Most people are surprised to learn that legs are the primary muscles used in rowing (the seat rolls on a track).

You start the stroke kind of coiled up, legs bent, leaning forward, arms straight.  The stroke begins with an explosive leg extension.  When your legs are just about straight, the back takes over.  When the back gets about vertical, the arms then take over until you hit yourself in the stomach.  Legs, Back, Arms.

To return for another stroke, you go in opposite order - extend the arms, then lean forward with the back, then bend your legs.  Do this very slowly, so you're doing about 20 (less is fine) strokes per minute.

Legs Back Arms...Arms Back Legs...repeat.


MacBook Wheel

Here's one for you Apple fans - an amazing new netbook concept!

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

I'll buy almost anything that's shiny and made by Apple

Happy 2009

2009 is here.  Nice, isn't it?  I think I'm going to like it here.

Thanks to all my family, friends and readers for making 2008 a wonderful year.  I wish you the best for 2009!

I've posted a few photos from 2008 in the 2008 Recap Gallery


Happy New Year!

Kindergarten Report Card

My mom gave me a report card from Kindergarten.  Most of the proficiencies listed had check marks, with a few exceptions.

My favorite teacher remark:

Sometimes likes to aggravate others - trips them.

Another problem area was the use of scissors:

Needs improvement, cuts things apart

Yes, I can see now that scissors are not for cutting things apart.  What was I thinking?

Hoff Holiday Festivity Pack

Dear Readers,

hoffDotToDotIn the holiday hustle and bustle, I neglected to give you anything for Christmas.  For this, I apologize.  However, for what I lack in timeliness, I can hopefully make up for with awesomeness.  From the bounty of the internets, I have found a true gem amoung gems.

Behold, the Hasslehoff activity book!  Just print this baby out, and it's full steam ahead for hours of exceedingly attractive fun time.

I'm printing out a set for the kids as we speak.


Happy Holidays

Wishing you all happy holidays.  Thanks for reading this year.

Lots of Snow

You may not have noticed, but it's been snowing outside.


Who wants hot dogs!

Looks delicious, yes?  No.

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