Helmet Cam - Is it even worth it?

I've decided not to wear it, but you can read if you'd like:


Lame helmet cam video

I dusted off the ol' helmet cam today. It really sucks. I think it's time to retire it for good. I had hoped to show a cyclocross route just down the road from my house. The video was terrible. The only thing remotely entertaining was me getting smacked by a low hanging blackberry branch (ouch), which in turn snagged the helmet cam and made it start screaming in pain.

More Helmet Cam

Ugh, more helmet cam from the wet and foggy lawyer ride today.

Not that great, but watch if you want. I was really bobbing my head up and down today. Also, the camera is offset a little to the right. Sorry about that, I'll get it right soon.


Helmet Cam - another test

Here's a small video of a practice start I did today. Very choppy but I suppose it'd work okay. Click the MORE button...


Mette Cam

I strapped the helmet cam to Mette's head while she rode her bike around. Big sister Annelis and buddy Garrett are riding with her. Garrett seems to be pleased with his form.

This video is an experiment, using youTube as a video host. I don't mind hosting the videos, but preparing them for viewing is a pain. YouTube does it all for me. Let's see how it works:


Helmet Cam - first test

The Helmet cam MIGHT be neat. It ran out of batteries before I could get any good footage. I did get a couple sample movies, though.

The camera was pointing to far down, so it's really irritating. I will keep the sample very short for that reason. I will adjust it to point further upward next time around.

View the movie. Keep your expectations low...

The Helmet Cam

I recently purchased a very cheesy Tony Hawk Helmet Cam.

I do some pretty crazy bike rides where a video might proove interesting. We'll see how it works.

I will also try to strap it Mette's head, if she lets me. The Mette-Cam ®!