Tubeless: Trying something new

I’ve been running tubeless tires in cyclocross since 2006.  My go-to setup has always been Stan’s 29er rims and a decent quality clincher tire.

However, Stans discountinued all rim brake rims.  While I do have a disc brake bike, I don’t want to use it for cyclocross.  Plus, there’s this:


It's the second time this has happened to me with a Stans rim.  It’s kind of a bummer because there is no fixing this.  So I’m going to try something new.  There’s been a lot of growth in the road/cx tubeless arena, so I have more reliable options than before.

I looked around, and WTB’s ChrisCross looks great.  They are the same width as my Stans rims, but have a different bead hook design that looks fantastic.  And hopefully, these are a little more durable:


Time for a rebuild.  I’ll post results later, after I’ve had a chance to smack them around in the woods.

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