Broken Egg Beater

So...I guess this is why you buy the higher-end Egg Beater pedals:


One of the wings broke off today while riding around.  The other sides work fine, so maybe I'll keep it on the trainer bike. 

I still think these pedals are the best thing for cyclocross.  Just go with the stainless steel models.

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Ha, I have that same cheap one on my commuter. It's pretty rusty, so it sounds like it won't have much longer to live! The new ones are sweet; bearings on both ends instead of one bearing and a bushing.
# Posted By Steven | 9/22/11 9:12 PM
i've seen the expensive ones break too. or bend. and come apart completely. or the spindle breaks off the crank...

hate to say it but there's no way I would run those without getting paid a ton of money to do so. the new shimanos just work so well. and even in mud, do a quick pre-release and they are golden and you won't Joey into a barrier.
# Posted By gewilli | 9/23/11 5:05 AM
Ha, "Joey" is a verb now!
# Posted By Steven | 9/26/11 9:12 AM
I think egg beaters are the way to go. No more SPDs for me ever since I almost killed myself with them ( I'm sure the newer ones are better but, like you, I'm not gonna try.
# Posted By erikv | 10/6/11 1:44 PM
Well, this is a great product! I was wondering if there is a egg beater product out there and my questions have been answered. I will be ordering this now.
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# Posted By fatimah | 12/1/17 1:07 AM
If I could get this broken egg beater, I would get it. I know of a way through which I can fix this egg beater and I can also fix my fpv drone so me having this would be no problem for me. I hope someone gives me their broken egg beater.
# Posted By fpv drone | 12/19/17 12:27 PM