B Bike is together

Well, I've almost got both bikes put together.   I've been experimenting with the B bike, which built up pretty nicely.

I put a few green parts on, and when mixed with the red decals looks like Christmas.  It's festive but stupid looking, and I don't care!



I got some cheap mini V brakes set up and they work good, exceeding my expectations.  I'll do a separate write-up on this later.



I really like Fizik's bar tape.  It's super durable and has a nice feel to it.  I'm done with cork tape.



I'm experimenting with a new saddle, too.  Specialized makes their BG saddles in three widths.  I chose the middle one to see how it felt compared to my normal saddle (Selle Italia SLR).  It's pretty comfortable.


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That is an excellent bike you built. I'll make sure to add a few details about it in the http://www.intimeessay.com/ I'm currently writing.
# Posted By anderson | 12/2/17 4:20 AM