Putting the bikes together

I'm grinding away on the single speed, but sooner or later, the geared bikes have to be put together.  Preferably before the weekend of my first race!  I'm excited to have a matching pair of Bailey Miniluv carbon frames to work with.    Now I just need to get them rolling.  I'm working on it:

Mini V?

I've tossed the idea around.  I've tried it on my single speed with a travel adaptor, but I've been wondering if it's possible to run mini v brakes with road levers and have an acceptable amount of pad clearance.  I'm not looking for the same kind of travel I get of ouf my cantis, but I want to know if I can make it through a season without any troubles.  Can I get by with a little wobble in my wheel?  What happens when the cables get a bit dirty?  I'm going to find out.  I've done a bit of research, and decided to experiment with the B bike (which I also use as my winter trainer).  More on this soon!



It's not easy being green.

I decided to maybe throw a little green in the mix.  Why not?  I hope it isn't too dorky.




The bikes should be together soon.  More coming!

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