2011 Blind Date #2

Oh yeah, this just happened!  Rain and MUD in the dark!  Holy cow, that was pretty awesome.

I took the hole shot and got a special prime of Stumptown coffee.  That was cool.  Then I slowly got passed by several people.  Jeff Standish and I had it out for a lap or two, that was pretty fun.  Riding in the heavy mud was great.  It's so good to have a ride like that under my belt already.  I think I'm getting better, slowly.  Must be patient.

Having a light would have been a good thing tonight.  I brought one, but it didn't fit on my 31.8 bars.  After half way through, it didn't matter anymore.  It took forever to get cleaned up in the dark but it's all good now.  What a blast.

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Great racing! I used your lower line, in the hay after the gravel section. Great line thru there. Great racing a clean race with some back and forth!!! Thanks! Most fun I've had racing in a long time!!!
# Posted By Jeff S | 10/6/11 9:41 PM
Yeah Jeff! That really was fun. Great racing with you.
# Posted By erikv | 10/6/11 11:44 PM