2011 Blind Date #5

blind date 4_1I somehow managed to make it to all five Wednesday night races this year.  It was really fun. 

Tonight's race was okay, I guess.  I got the hole shot again, which makes three times out of five.  They award a bag of Stumptown "Hairbender" coffee beans for that, so I've won three bags and be well caffeinated this Fall.

I led the race for a little while, but three guys were soon on me like glue.  Eventually, they came around and rode off; I couldn't follow them.  But it was a good time, for sure.  They added some great chicanes to the course, and it was dry and fast.  I didn't even need to clean my bike after the race.

If you're in Portland, consider giving one of these races a try next year!

photo courtesy dmroth

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