Be Like Hans

DSCN0230It's never too late to learn something from your dad.  As I grew up, I learned some very important lessons from watching my father. 

My dad would help out just about anyone with zero hesitation.  Stranger on the side of the road with a flat tire?  No problem.  In a bind and need some help with the kids?  Of course, bring them over.  No schedule checking or getting back to you.  You name it, he would do it, no big whoop.

He would just give or help whenever someone needed it.  And the kicker is he would never expect anything in return.  No matter what, you never "owed him one" in his book.  And that, my friends, is amazing.  The number one thing we could all learn from and try to emulate. 

Want to make the world a better place?  Be more like Hans.

Happy Fathers Day.  Now go tell your pop you love him.

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So true!

I didn't realize until I heard so many good stories about him from different people that it wasn't just family he helped, it was everyone. Amazing.
# Posted By Amy | 6/21/10 12:02 PM
It's a Norsk thing. My Grand Dad, and Dad are the same way.
# Posted By Greg | 6/29/10 10:24 PM
Well Grand Dad "was" would be better vernacular.
# Posted By Greg | 6/29/10 10:25 PM