Something clicked, maybe

I made a last minute decision to hit Blind Date #2 tonight, a night-time cyclocross race at Alpenrose.

The first half of the race was pretty lame, just like last time.  Then, with maybe 20 minutes left, somebody passed me and something clicked.  I passed him back going over the barriers, and then rode away from him.  I tried to catch the next guy up ahead, but he already had a huge gap and I couldn't do it.  At first I couldn't even see him.  Then he was leaving the velodrome as I was coming in.  I could see him on the last lap but there was no catching him.  I could have used a couple more laps.

Anyway, it felt good to feel like a racer again.  It's been a long time since I've raced the bike so I guess it takes time to adapt.  I hope it's a sign of improvement.

On the last lap, going through the twisty grass turns near the finish line, I think I slid out and then clipped a pedal on the ground.  Back wheel went up in the air and I ended up sideways with one arm and one leg off the bike.  Funny I didn't crash, I'm not sure how I managed to stay upright.  But I rode it through the finish line, and moments later my tube exploded.  Turns out the bead of my clincher came undone from that sideways hit.  But everything held together until I was done racing.  Barely.

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are you back on normal clinchers? You are the one I followed to the land of tubeless!
# Posted By stevef | 10/7/10 12:39 PM
Definitely not moving back to clinchers! But my rear tubeless wheel is out of repair and I'm not quite done building the replacement. And since it was a last minute decision to go you kind of got to grab what's available and get to the race!

I will be racing tubeless this weekend, for sure.
# Posted By erikv | 10/7/10 12:46 PM