Save Helvetia

barn Do you ride out in the Helvetia area?  Buy produce?  Get your Christmas tree or Halloween pumpkins?

The Helvetia area is a real treasure for me.  I even have friends who got engaged on a ride out there.  I ride there all the time.

I buy my produce from a CSA here, and I get milk from a dairy just past West Union elementary school.  I've purchased wine from a small vineyard in the area.  I get my Christmas trees there, too. 

One thing I learned from my CSA (farm) about growing crops is it's hard! It took them years of spreading compost and TLC to get a field fertile enough to grow anything. Fertile land is precious, and once it's bulldozed, smoothed out and houses are built on it, you can't just change your mind and grow crops there later.

If you care about preserving the Helvetia area, check out  Send a petition and make sure your voice is heard.

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