Credit Card Adventures

A quiet Sunday afternoon, the phone rings.  It's Wells Fargo bank, asking for me.  I was shocked with what I heard.

Over the weekend, someone made about 20 online purchases using my Visa check card.  I logged in to the bank's website as I spoke to the bank representative, and sure enough, I saw a long list of strange purchases, all about $6 or less.  Weird.  Also listed was a fraudulent purchase for cell phone air time in Zimbabwe. 

Now I'm getting lots of calls confirming orders I allegedly made over the weekend.  It's not super fun, but each person I talk to says it happens a lot, and is very helpful in helping me out with canceling said orders.

The card of course has been canceled, and an investigation is underway.  The source of the compromise has me perplexed.  I'm very careful with my credit card info.  I am really hoping to track down the source.

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