German Forklift Training Film

We went to a friends house tonight.  After a few glasses of wine, someone showed me a video he claims he had to watch for work.

It starts slow, but gets progressively more nasty.  By the end, we were rolling on the floor with laughter. Because we are sick, sick people. 

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OMG, that's horribly funny!
# Posted By Steven | 1/24/09 6:28 AM
That is too funny! European humor! I am surprised Americans like it. You should see some of there animal commercials that are on even during the day. Some of the stuff would surprise even you...I think:)
# Posted By karleta | 1/26/09 8:59 AM
For some reason, the x-acto blade being snapped out of the head struck a cord with me.
# Posted By Timmy | 1/26/09 3:48 PM
oh my god thats the funniest thing iv ever seen!!!!!!!
my stomach muscles are killing me!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha
# Posted By tom | 1/26/09 5:13 PM
Typical German training film.
# Posted By hugh | 1/27/09 8:16 AM