Who made all the words?

Mette crawled into our bed this morning and asked me why a forehead is called a forehead.  I tried my best to explain.

I then asked her why a finger was called a finger. 

Well, maybe they put a bunch of random words into a jar and mixed it up like the barrel of surprise and then picked out the word finger.

I followed up with "who's they?"

Ummm...Oh, George Washington!  Or maybe Orockobamma?

The cat started tearing apart the bathroom at this point, so she went to investigate that instead.

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I love the way kid’s minds work. No constructs, no pretense, just pure imagination. A few years ago, at the diner table, our middle girl Emily said in a very thoughtful manner, "If my eyes were over there (pointing to the place across from herself at the table), I could see myself!" We all laughed. But I thought, that is a huge metaphysical type leap for a 5 year old to conceptualize something like that. Keep it coming Erik!
# Posted By DavidS | 1/11/09 10:38 AM