Helmet Cam - Is it even worth it?

I've decided not to wear it, but you can read if you'd like:

So I've been considering wearing my lame helmet cam on a certain ride this Saturday.

The problem is, it's lame.  It takes videos at 15 frames per second.  Here's an example.  The only saving grace may be that we'll be climbing a lot, and slower speeds look better at 15fps.

I'm asking for input...is it even worth it?  When watching video, there is a line where poor quality negates the desire to watch.  Here is a chart to spell it out.  The curve is off but I only have a few minutes to put this together before I get back to work:


Maybe I'll just pack a normal camera and take some still shots. 

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I think a helmet cam would be more useful for a crit, especially if you can add snarky comments about what everyone else is doing and why you're doing what you're doing. Enjoy your Tour - although we may not have the west slope, ours ends with Belgian beer and the Tour of Flanders on a big screen!
# Posted By Steven | 4/3/08 5:21 PM
# Posted By gewilli | 4/4/08 6:33 AM
I agree w/ gewilli: take 'em both and sort it out later. Except that it's some finite amount of weight that you're going to have to carry up Brynwood & College Ave. *shudders* I'm going to have nightmares of Brynwood tonight.

Except for the extreme angle of the start video, I thought the vid quality wasn't too bad/choppy. It's rather pixelated, but that's OK...
# Posted By Matthew | 4/4/08 12:57 PM
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