Thanksgiving Weekend


Oddly enough, I have no cyclocross race report.  Weird.  I barely rode my bike, I think once since Friday.  Uh oh.

So we spent Tday with Donna's family.  23 people under one festive roof.  It was pretty good.

Friday, we went and got our Christmas tree with the Hallquists.  This is getting to be a long standing tradition, and we enjoy it very much. 

After plopping the tree in a bucket of water, we piled into the car and drove to the Oregon coast for a weekend on the beach, at my parent's place.  The weather was fairly warm and damp, and the ocean waves were huge.  I had a nice ride up Highway 101, and couldn't help but notice the hundreds of SUVs flying UO or OSU window flags for the Civil War football game.  OSU got trounced, damn it.

I put a few pictures up here.

How'd you spend your Thanksgiving weekend?  Hope it was nice.

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Oh! The family photo is lovely. But I have to ask - how much taller are you than Donna!!? It was weird not racing this weekend. I went up saltzman from bottom to top twice at race pace instead which was arguably harder but not nearly as satisfying.
The drive to Eugene for PsychoCross was just too much to ask.
# Posted By Heidi Swift | 12/1/08 8:29 PM
A whole foot taller! Saltzman, okay, but twice? Ick. Mix it up a little, will ya?
# Posted By erikv | 12/1/08 8:35 PM
nothing beats a crying toddler yeah me! I did get a good road ride in with the team on Saturday, unfornately one of our riders went down in a crash along hwy 30 coming back to portland from Savie's Island. Handlebars broke and front wheel taco'd. After visiting the emergency room she is ok. we were riding double file front riders didn't see the rock till the last second.
# Posted By neutralwrench | 12/1/08 9:07 PM
I love that stupid road. Although sal almost died descending it in the dark. His light is not as burly as mine.
# Posted By Heidi Swift | 12/1/08 9:10 PM
oh! That reminds me of a story...
# Posted By erikv | 12/1/08 9:44 PM
Jason - Crying toddler, been there! Have another one, that's where the adventure really begins! Bummer about the crash :(
# Posted By erikv | 12/1/08 10:52 PM
Erik, Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. The Rathe family did the traditional turkey galore (in fact, enjoyed homemade turkey soup last night!). The holidays are such a wonderful time to connect with family.
Thanks for keeping us entertained with your blog!
# Posted By Mel | 12/2/08 9:01 AM
I went up to Seattle to spend the weekend with my sister & our parents (who were up from Lake Tahoe). I
brought my mountain bike and planned on riding the I5 colonade skill park... Unfortunately my boy came down
with strep throat so we came home early. I did get a really nice longish road ride in on Sunday though...
# Posted By Dan Porter | 12/2/08 12:40 PM
Cute pictures!
# Posted By Amy | 12/3/08 9:17 AM
We got a tree this weekend, too. It's a really nice, 9.5' tall petroleum fir with built-in lights.
# Posted By hugh | 12/3/08 10:30 PM