Silence: The world's sleeping in today.
The Race flushes out my dreams.
Pounding heart shakes me awake.
It's time to rise and prepare.

I stand outside, feel the weather.
Bikes are prepped, clothes packed.
Double checking everything;
I'm ready to go, to Race.

Washing grease from my hands,
the sound of little feet approach.
My little sunshines greet me,
with morning hugs around my legs.

Wife glides in, children are playing.
Enjoying each other's company,
this lazy Sunday morning.
The Race is just a silly game.

Time to leave, but I don't.
A little guilt, a little conflict.
I can't wait to race today.
I should stay here and play today.

Time to leave, I say my goodbyes.
I'm wished well as I scramble out the door.
I can't wait to get there, to Race!
I can't wait to get back home.

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