Mette's (minor) surger-ific adventure

Mette had her adnoids taken out yesterday, and I thought I'd expand on that little update I posted.

We arrived at the Kaiser's Interstate surgery center at 7:30, checked in, and made our way back to the pre-op bed.  Once we entered that room, Mette understandably started to get a bit anxious.  She's had a few pretty big surgeries in the past, so this was quite justified. 

She tried to escape a couple times, getting off the bed and walking towards the exit.  We did our best to reassure her this was not as big a deal as last time.  That seemed to work okay.  We asked her what she remembered from last time, and she was talking about the "donut light" (the big overhead light in the operating room).  She then took a crayon and drew a perfect little sketch of it.  I was surprised by the accuracy.  If she ever gets abducted by aliens, I think she will be able to draw the inside of the spaceship no problem.

The anesthesiologist came by and gave her a common pediatric pre-op medication to calm her down.  She soon started smiling and laughing, so the anxiety was no longer a problem.  Soon after, she was taken to the O.R.

She was done in less than an hour.  We all walked back and sat by her bed, waiting for her to wake up.  She slept for a while.  All of a sudden, she sat up, and tried to make a run for it again.  Of course she was stuck in bed, but hahaha!  She's crazy.  Her main concern was to get the IV out.  She doesn't like them, and always insists on removing all the tape herself.  It made the nurse a little nervous, but Donna was very good about it.

She had a popsicle, sat the required amount of time, and then we were out of there.  While home, she ate about six helpings of rainbow sherbet.  She had noodles for lunch and dinner, and did fine with it.  Noodles are her favorite food, so this is not a problem at all.

We made her lay around yesterday and watch a couple movies.  By the evening, she was bored out of her mind and had to get up.  I expect her to be mostly back to normal today.  It really was a minor procedure, and she's doing great.

Thanks for the notes, comments and emails. 

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Both of my boys have had a surgery or two. Even a broken arm. They heal pretty quick and I think it's harder on us at times. See you tomorrow!
# Posted By Jeff Standish | 10/11/08 9:16 PM
Good to hear! She is tough :)
# Posted By amy | 10/13/08 10:48 PM
Tough she is!

way to go m-e-t-t-e!
# Posted By carrie | 10/16/08 11:28 PM