GoPro Video: The slideshow of the 21st century


I’ve had a GoPro for a good year or more now, and I haven’t done much with it.  My daughter made some cool horse jumping helmet cam videos, and now I’ve finally mounted the camera to my bike to try it out.   It’s kind of cool being able to watch a reply of a ride from a slightly different perspective.  I’m still figuring out how to capture decent quality footage.

Around this time of year, I dust off the ol’ cyclocross bike and head into the local woods.  This is my favorite place in those woods:

My friend Adnan and I had a fun time last weekend.  The idea was to each take video and combine our individual lame footage to produce one slightly less lame video.  However, my GoPro was dead (battery) before I even made it into the park.  So here’s what he got from a different trail, Firelane 7:

Next time, we’ll try to make something more awesome.

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