Still Here...

Hi there.   It's been a while since I've checked in.  I'm still around, still enjoying the bike when I can, still the same guy. 

I'm gathering up some creative energy.  Regrouping, rethinking.  I'll be back soon.

What's up. Got your linkedin invitation and, if I wasn't such a
dweeb, I might actually figure out how to use it.

I'm still traveling all over.....lots of work in New Mexico and
Washington. I get to Portland a few times a year.

Elvi finished her residency here in the wonderful community of
Saginaw Michigan......(not exactly a destination resort) and signed
a 2 year contract with a physicians group in Midland. Sveta just
graduated from high school and is heading off to The Ohio State
University next month.
Elvi has 1 more year on her contract but wants to stay until she
gets thru the oral boards. So, I hope we will be moving in a couple
of years.
I'm trying to hang in thru a few more years, then sell my practice
and stay home to take care of the
Your kids must be growing up. What 11 & 13?

Say Hi to Donna.
# Posted By Pat O'Brien | 7/27/12 9:21 AM
Cycling experience is certainly worth-remembering. Do share more of your experience. I visited and love to ride my bike in the mountains.
# Posted By Lorna | 9/28/17 2:12 PM