Alpenrose Blind Date #3

My assault of the cyclocross season is off to a slow crawl.  But I'm going to do these Alpenrose Wednesday nighters because:

  • They are awesome
  • It forces me to work out hard
  • I love riding at night

I missed the first race (out of town). 

I unknowingly started in the wrong group for the second race, one minute back.  Probably didn't make a difference in my result.   Perhaps that's enough said right there.

Third race was last night.  I knew timing would be terribly tight, and it was.  I arrived 10 minutes before the start, which would give me just enough time to change, register and get on the line.

I got out my kit and started changing in the parking lot.  Mid change,  I realized I had forgotten my helmet.  I had not allocated the five minutes required to find a loaner, so I was pretty much sunk.  I found myself extremely agitated, pacing around and swearing under my breath, temporarily unaware of the fact I was not wearing any clothes.

I snapped out if it,  quickly got dressed and walked away.  I lost my underwear in the dark. 

So ends Alpenrose Blind Date #3.  Looking forward to episode 4.  I'm leaving myself lots of room for improvement.