CX Update

PIR1It's been a while.  I did a couple more Wednesday nighters since my last post.  I'm slowly getting better, and I'm really having fun.

Today's race was at PIR.  It rained yesterday, so I was really hoping for some good mud on the course.  There was indeed mud, but it firmed up pretty good by the time we were done.   Not what I was hoping for, but maybe I'll get some soupy slippery awesomeness at Barton in a couple weeks.

My results are still underwhelming.  My back is usually the weak link.  I go hard until it wears out, die for a couple laps, then go hard again for as long as it lasts.  I finished the race today able to talk comfortably (not terribly out of breath), but as soon as I sat down I realized I was completely exhausted.  Seems weird to me.   I'm gonna try some things to fix that.  Adnan (Aeolus Endurance) gave me some core exercises to try.  And of course I have to stretch.

The course was fun.  There was plenty of slippery, tight corners.  Often, choosing the primo line meant getting smacked in the face by a pine tree.  I had a good time and improved a thing or two in technique.  But I'm still slow and I'm not really going for it with the technical stuff.  I could do more, but I think I play it safe because I'm so tired and messing up will just slow me down and make me more tired.  I just need to, you know, go for it.