Mounting and Sealing a Tubeless Cyclocross Tire (Notubes)

Well it's time to get my tubeless wheels running tubeless again.  I'm using Stan's Notubes' ZTR Olympic 29er rims with the Stan's yellow tape and Olympic valves.  I'll be mounting a pair of Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires.  Here's how I do it:

1) Mount one bead of the tire:

Just one bead right now.


2) Remove valve core, install valve:

IMG00407 IMG00409


3) Soap Suds:

Get a bucket and get some soap suds in it.  Apply suds to BOTH tire beads.  Use only the suds - you don't want water in your wheels!

IMG00410 IMG00412 IMG00413


4) Mount second tire bead:



5) Seat the Tire:

You will probably need an air compressor for this to work.  A floor pump MIGHT work.  If it doesn't, use my slower method to seal up the first tire bead, and increase your odds of sealing up the tire with a floor pump.


Get the tire pressure WAY up there.  You will hear a series of loud POP noises.  That's a good sound!  It's the sound of the tire bead getting locked in to the rim.  I believe the lubrication of the soap suds also helps the bead seat better, so don't skip the suds.  When the tire stops popping, let all the air out (you'll have no choice since the valve core is not installed).


6) Add Sealant:

Make sure you shake that sealant up first, and mix it up well.  I use a 16oz bottle because I can fit it inside my spokes as pictured.  Just cut the nozzle so it fits tightly over the valve stem.  Place the nozzle over the stem, and squeeze.  I didn't picture it, but I do turn the wheel so the nozzle is at six o'clock.  It makes it easier to squirt the sealant into the tire.

IMG00416 IMG00417


7) Replace Valve Core:

Put the valve core back in



8) Inflate, Shake, Lay Sideways to Set:


I can't describe this any better than the NoTubes guys do on their site, so do it how they say.  This step is really important, so be patient and do it right.  Here's their movie (click here if you have troubles viewing it):

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erik - I love my ZTR rims. Question for you: do you find that you need to crank down the valve stem nut quite a bit? I seem to get alot of leaks there if I don't. Just wondering if that's
normal. Thanks
# Posted By paul | 10/5/09 4:55 PM
Yes! I don't remember having to wrench it down, but I kept getting leaks around the valve until I did. I even bought new valves because I thought mine had worn out.
# Posted By erikv | 10/5/09 7:00 PM
Erik, this writeup was very useful. I installed Vittoria XG's on Alpha 340 rims last night. I wrote about this experience on the NoTubes message board.

Thanks much,
# Posted By enduro_phreak | 9/14/10 1:17 PM
Cool! I've been looking for those rims but couldn't find them, so I'm going with ZTRs again.
# Posted By erikv | 9/14/10 1:23 PM
Use a CO2 cartridge inflator to pop the bead.
# Posted By Keith | 8/17/11 2:11 PM