Escaping Caterpillars

The kids put a bunch of caterpillars in a shoe box last night.  They punched air holes in the top and meticulously plugged every gap they could with napkins and tape.

Today, they opened the box, and I saw...nothing.

"Where are the caterpillars"

"They got out"

"(gulp) All of them?"

"mmmm yeah I think one small one is still in here somewhere..."

So I decided to go out and get a butterfly house - everything is enclosed, with netting and zippers.

As of this moment, I have not found any of the caterpillars.  Either the dog ate them, or they are still at large.  Either way, yuck.

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Reminds me of the time mom brought home her 1st grader's meal worm collection for the holiday and like magic, they all hatched from into beetles simultaneously.

Also reminds me of the time I felt it would be more economical to buy crickets for the gecko in bulk.... yikes.
# Posted By Carrie | 8/10/08 2:47 PM