Mette's Surgery, 2/2

Mette had her second and hopefully final surgery today.

Last week, she had an 18cm x 12cm patch of skin removed from her lower back (a non-cancerous lump had to come out). They sent off a dozen or so tissue samples from the perimeter of the resection area for pathology analysis.

One one of those samples came back as showing positive, so only a tiny bit (say 1cm) additional chunk had to be removed.

The remaining wound (which has been open all week by the way) was closed with a skin graft from her butt. She's got a perfectly square "road rash" there now, but that should heal very quickly.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end - in a few weeks, she should be getting back to her old self. Until then, she'll be taking it easy.

Thanks again to everyone for your kind words and well wishes.

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